What is an Osteopractor?

An Osteopractor is a Physical Therapist or Medical Doctor who has completed an advanced post-graduate training program in the use of high-velocity low-amplitude thrust manipulation and dry needling for the diagnosis and treatment of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions of the spine and extremities. Physical Therapists are the most qualified to enhance overall lifestyle through injury rehabilitation, strength training and functional movements than other providers. Osteopractic Physical Therapy


Dr. Merrill can help alleviate or even most likely totally eliminate symptoms found in many different health disorders/diseases, including those listed above. NOW AVAILABLE AT AGILUS!


Our Occupational Medicine services are led by Dr. Robert Rush. Dr. Rush is the only board-certified Occupational Medicine Physician in our entire marketplace and central area. Dr. Rush and his team have been serving Central Louisiana for 47 years. INJURY MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS (IMS)


In most cases, simple lifestyle and nutritional changes can revive and eliminate the root cause of your chronic pain. FEELING BETTER DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PAINFUL


Our expert team of Physical Therapists will assist you in restarting your life after an injury. We aid you with your everyday aches and pains. We will help you with the management of your daily stress to improve your sleep and reduce the stress upon your body. We can guide and advise you on your diet and nutritional needs to assist you in living a longer and healthier, happier life. TOTAL TRANSFORMATIONS, ONE STEP AT A TIME


Physical Therapy, Dry Needling, Drug Screening, Wellness Checkups, Depression, Weight Loss, Background Checks AVAILABLE AT AGILUS HEALTH