We are Trained Listeners

Written on 02/05/2018

One of the biggest complaints that patients have is that their medical provider doesn’t really listen to them. Physical therapists may have a preference for certain treatments, but the therapist should be willing to listen, be open to other options, and willing to alter therapies to meet the needs of the patient.

Every patient should consider the following when choosing a physical therapist.

  • Is the physical therapist licensed
  • Are physical therapist assistants licensed/certified
  • Is the therapist experienced in the patient’s condition if a special need exists
  • Accepts the patient’s insurance
  • Is the therapist in the insurance company’s network
  • Submits insurance claims
  • Offers discounts or pay-in-full programs

When patients are exploring their physical therapy options, it’s important to factor in the location of the practice and its hours. The clinic should be conveniently located to the patient’s home or work when appointments are needed. The hours of operation are equally important. Those who work multiple jobs or the night shift may need early morning, late evening, or weekend appointments.

Patients should examine the therapist’s cancellation policy. Some practices charge a fee for a missed or cancelled appointment and the cost may be significant. Individuals should also pay special attention to how easy it is to obtain an appointment. Pain and injuries respond better when they’re treated promptly.