Let's Clear The Air About Car Accidents

Written on 04/02/2018

What do you do? It's confusing. Do you go to the emergency room? Do you get in the ambulance? Do you go to the walk-in clinic? So many times due to just the adrenaline and the excitment of the accident, we tell the poice office that we're ok. And then you go home and your neck starts hurting, you get a headache, you get muscle spasms. Then you get up in the morning and you can't walk. 

Where do you start? You can start at Agilus. 

You can come and get a physical therapy assessment, get an evaluation, and we can help you work you way through this system. If we determine physical therapy is where you need to start, we will go from there. In some instances, we find problems that are out of the scope of our practice, and we can call in the appopriate specialists. 

If you begin physical therapy early, and this turns into a litigation, we have early documentation that can assist your attorney and defense team to help you resolve this matter. 

Early intervention, even int he smallest of injuries, is incredibly important to keep that minor injury from snowballing into something chronic. We look at your injury, and we look at your whole body. We look at your life, your work, what you do for fun. Each one of our lives are unique and different. We view you as a whole person, not just an injured body part.

We can guide you through this process. We have our staff in our billing department and supportive personnel that can work with your insurance company to find out how you can get the therapy you need, get over this accident and return to work.